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Our Green Initiatives

Our future is now being threatened by climate change, global warming trends, the resulting poor quality of air and water and the depletion of our natural resources.

Sparta Country Candles has been committed to adopting environmentally friendly strategies geared toward recycling, reducing energy usage and waste.

Environmental initiatives at our store front:

  • Sparta Country Candles was the first candle maker to develop a reusable container that can be used multiple times with candle refills – saving both money and the environment
  • Use of soy chips for shipping – which are environmentally friendly and stop the need for bubble wrap–instead of foam chips
  • Structured maintenance program on all vehicles to ensure they are safe and running as efficiently as possible
  • Decrease store lighting in the summer
  • Plastic on windows year round and installation of extra insulation
  • Installation of programmable thermostats and automatic door closers
  • Deliver products in recycled cardboard boxes received from shipments
  • Recycle and reuse all packaging material
  • Educate customers on ways to use left over wax
  • Recycle paper and office supplies and compost
  • Use of reusable storage containers to store inventory and supplies
  • Switching store area over to energy saving lightbulbs

Environmental initiatives at our candle shop:

  • Over 98% of excess wax is used in products and procedures
  • Recycle and reuse all packaging material
  • Use of timers to decrease hydro consumption
  • Installation of programmable thermostats, weather stripping and automatic door closers so only prime areas are heated/cooled
  • Re-evaluation of work areas and procedures on a regular basis during the year to ensure the shop is as energy efficient as possible
  • Plastic on windows year round and installation of extra insulation
  • Strategic use of fans
  • Installation of light filtering blinds
  • Switching work areas over to energy saving lightbulbs