Fragrance Description


April Showers
Think of just finishing a fresh load of laundry and inhaling fresh clothes right out of the dryer.

Blueberry Mountain
Picture a fresh pint of blueberries just picked from Northern Ontario bushes

Cinnamon Hearts
Take Cinnamon sticks and grind them to a fresh powder and this is what you will smell

Cookie Crunch
Nothing better than waking up from a nap and smelling cookies just coming out of the oven and cooling on the counter

Picture opening a bottle of unsweetened Cranberry juice taking a whiff while you pour in to the glass

Elgin County Cobbler
After spending an afternoon in the kitchen you open the oven and inhale your latest apples dessert creation

French Vanilla
You're opening a bottle of vanilla extract and you stop to enjoy the fragrance.

Mexican Vacation
Sitting on the beach with a Pina Colada in your hand and suntan lotion wafting in the air

Midnight Surprise
Our strongest fragrance of Black Cherry and a hint of Almond

Mom’s Kitchen
After having Thankgiving dinner you open up the oven to smell a pumpkin pie

Nana’s Garden
The aroma of White Lilac

Stargazer Lily after being picked from the garden and put in the a vase on the dining room table

Our most popular scent by far. A combination of over 40 essential oils. It’s almost like you take every berry and throw it in a blender and this is what you get

Springwater Memories
Reminded of simpler times when Pat used to camp at Springwater Conservation area this scent is very earthy and bring one back to nature

After picking up some Strawberries from the local market you wash them and start preparing them to make preserves

A mixture of orange, lemon, lime and grape fruit

Twisted Raspberry
Take some Raspberries and toss them in a mixer and add some lemon juice

Watermelon Passion
The combination of fresh cut watermelon along with lemonade

Wild Blackberry Crumble
The aroma of fresh blackberry crumble right out of Grandma's oven

The aroma of cinnamon and maple swirl

Victorian Gardens
A soft floral smell that you picture smelling in beautiful bed and breakfast

Seasonal Fragrance Schedule

January 1 - Sugar Shack

March 1 - Celebrate

June 1 - Summertime Blues

August 1 - Island Breeze

October 1 - Jack Frost, Festive Memories, Snowy Cedar and Santa's Bake Shop

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Seasonal Fragrances

Sugar Shack (Introduced in January)
One of the most enjoyable early spring traditions of going to a sugar bush and watching and smelling maple syrup being made right in front of you

Celebrate (introduced in March)
Think of a freshly baked cake coming out of the oven and the baker just starting to put the icing on the cake

Summertime Blues (Introduced in June)
A mixture of musk and sweet fragrances. Once you smell our Summertime Blues, you will be ready for the summer months!

Island Breeze (Introduced in August)
A combination of tropical fruits and flowers that smells like you're in an Caribbean paradise.

Festive Memories (Introduced in October)
A mixture of French Vanilla and a touch a Cinnamon. Once you smell this you will be in mood for Christmas

Jack Frost (Introduced in October)
Think of grinding up some peppermint candies and smelling the result

Santa’s Bake Shop (Introduced in October)
One of our most enjoyable Christmas traditions. Bake the gingerbread and then you assemble a house and decorate with lots of icing and candies

Snowy Cedar (Introduced in October)
Bring your artificial Christmas tree to life with this perfect scent. Eliminate the watering and cleaning up all the needles