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Mary Davies
Frome (Southwold)
Anna Diaz
Cambridge, ON
Krista Taylor
Falkland BC
Paula Ronald
Victoria, BC
Joyce Harper
London (Westminster Area)
Roseanne Antoszek
London (Dundas area)
Michele Griffin
London (Wharncliffe rd and commissioners)
Shelby Miller
London (Oxford and Highbury)
Kelly Collins
London, ON (Jalna Blvd area)
Heather Taverner-Kydd
London (West London area)
Noura Khaddaj
Michelle Warren
London (Cherryhill area)
Angel Hildreth
London (Springback Dr)
Sherry McDermott
Brantford, ON
Courtney Strickler
Diane Janssen
Merrifield Bookshop
Woodstock ON
Jennifer Trudell
Highgate, Ontario
Tammy Mitchell
Clifford (by Listowel)
Emily Oesch
Kelly Schmidt
Kim Turenne
Janet Walton
North Sarnia
Amanda Jean Louis
Port Dover
Carrie Hoogsteen
McGregor, On
Christine Jones
Windsor ON
Jill Mater
Petrolia, On
Joy Tucker
Toronto, Ontario
Jenny Finnimore
Delia, AB
Take a Second Look Store
Kathie Gillis
Tina Gibb
Blenheim, ON
Sheri Vandersanden
Hogan Pharmacy Petrolia
Petrolia On
Sarah Drapeau
French Lake, New Brunswick
Loree Bailey
Wallaceburg ON
Candice Dyck
Steinbach MB


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